Five decades of athletic progress

We started out in the 1970s, developing a high-tech base layer fabric for Swedish fighter pilots. Building on this innovation, we created a groundbreaking 3-layer concept – the Craft Principle – inspiring and enabling athletes to push their limits and build confidence in any weather condition. Success was instant. And five decades later we continue to collaborate closely with athletes across the world in order to develop pioneering, high-quality sportswear and performance wear.

The science of sweat

An air force pilot in trouble is forced to leave his plane at high altitude. As if this is not enough of a problem, the temperature outside the cockpit is minus fifty degrees celsius and his baselayer is wet with sweat from stress. Instead of keeping him warm, his baselayer turns ice cold. The desire to solve this problem back in 1973 was the seed that has since then grown into what Craft is today. Our story started with sweat. Likewise, sportsmen and -women of all ages and at all levels will quickly turn cold and uncomfortable when the clothing next to the skin is wet with sweat.

Craft of Sweden

In 1974 to -76, functional garments are manufactured and marketed within the Eiser Group. In 1976, the brand name Craft of Sweden is launched by the Group. The Craft products are popular. A strategic choice is made to primarily advertise the functional benefits through downhill and cross country skiing.

From Borås to the world elite

Second place in alpine slalom is a disappointment. “I’m not happy, but I’m not gonna throw the silver medal in a lake,” promises Ingemar Stenmark after the second run in the World Cup of 1982 in Schladming, Austria. A few days later, everything is back to normal again as Ingemar wins his third straight World Cup gold in slalom. Ingemar, who is a front figure for Craft, wins his gold medals with Crafts revolutionary underwear closest to the body.

A fresh start

Craft’s journey is vital and successful all through the 80’s and well into the 90’s. When Sten-Sture Johansson – who runs the company during this time – realizes that the company is getting too big for him to steer on his own, the next important person in the Craft history steps into the picture.

As a business man, Torsten Jansson is already successful in the field of profile fashion with the New Wave brand. In 1996, Torsten takes over Craft and renames the company Craft of Scandinavia. His strategy focuses on building stronger relations with sports retailers and their customers as well as identifying a number of elite athletes who can help boost the brand building further. The main sports are Nordic skiing, running and cycling – all three are endurance, high intensity cardio sports that require functional sportswear. The idea is also to develop sport-specific outerwear.

Today – A great idea stands the test of time

Still today, we value our collaborations with top athletes from all over the globe. This allows the us to maintain a high degree of innovation and continue to strengthen the brand with an emphasis on functionality.

We are writing TOMORROW’S history TODAY.
The world has changed a great deal since Craft was started in the 70’s. The Craft brand has also gone through various stages over the years. The main idea, however, stays the same over time: to make functional sportswear for optimal performance available for world athletes and everyday heroes.